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Estudio Salterain es una agencia independiente de diseño de marcas, publicidad, packaging y estrategia,
fundada en Montevideo a fines de 2008.

A brand agency

thinking the future

alongside its clients.

the organizing power of ideas
at the service of brands

We work on the creation of value for brands.

Strategic processes with a purpose; visual identities reflecting a vision of the future; and communications aiming for the heart of the business.

inspiration keeps us awake

We blend strategy and design, creativity and production, ideas and materialization, pleasure and professional commitment, with great involvement. We work as a team with our clients, combining internal and external visions in our quest for value, clarity and visibility for brands.

no red tape

As a creative and design team we work directly with our clients, without account executives or junior intermediaries, making sure we respect time and efficiency in our projects.

space for ideas

A small team that ensures the quality of all projects.

A blend of experience and new blood in a group of lovers of strategy, design and creativity.

A renovated space of 200 square meters in the Cordón Sur neighborhood in Montevideo, with work stations equipped with Mac terminals, a photography studio, work rooms, boardrooms and versatile spaces to share ideas, produce content, create and design.


We work in the search of ideas that solve the problems of communication, innovation and experience. We develop empathy, searching into the heart of consumers and making visible the differential of each brand to generate respect and memorability.


We use the power of design to transform perception, for communication, organization and placement.

We create value through image in an ever more visual world.

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